What are the registration fees?

National Indoor Sports – Campbelltown charges $30 per Senior Player for Registration. This registration entitles you to play in multiple competitions on multiple nights. This registration also entitles you to cover under our personal injury insurance policy.

Registration for junior competitions is calculated for each competition individually. Contact the centre for more information.

What equipment do i need?

Most equipment is supplied by the centre, however the following equipment is required when you play:

  • Cricket: Your own hector and gloves, as well as a cricket bat.
  • Netball: Netball gloves if you have long nails
  • Soccer: Shin Pads are compulsory for all Indoor Soccer

Note that all of this equipment is available for purchase from the centre and extremely good prices.

What time is my game?

To find out what time your team is playing, click on the links above to be directed to our times & fixtures page. Here you can find out your game time, ladder position and other information about your team and competition.

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